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Tania Black

Welcome to the Coaching Hub

I’m Tania, an ICF certified coach that works with entrepreneurial business owners.

I believe that women in business deserve to be empowered to have it all, whilst maintaining the flexibility and balance.

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The Coach Carr Channel Podcasts

The Coach Carr Channel shines a spotlight on Kiwi Women in Business. Coach Tania Carr speaks to women about their struggles, identity & how they push through the hard stuff to thrive in business and in life. 

Each week she’ll have real talks with women who share their open and honest stories to inspire & encourage you to push through the hard stuff, so that you can thrive in business & life too.


  • "A fabulous coach!"

    “Tania is highly skilled, driven and motivated to achieve the best outcome for her clients. I leave every session with a clear understanding and action plan in place. She is a fabulous coach!”

    "A fabulous coach!"
    Christine Z
    Breaking Free Lifestyle
  • "...helped me focus and prioritise"

    “Tania asks the right questions to lead me to make very important decisions with a clear mind. She has helped me tremendously in focusing and prioritizing the right areas and I have definitely become much better in looking at problems in different ways, thus finding the right solutions. I am a much better business development manager today because of the coaching I received from Tania.”

    "...helped me focus and prioritise"
    Diana Wang
    Global Business Development Manager
    Fasten NZ Limited

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The questions are split into 10 categories: 

You, your target market, your brand, your social media, your website, your marketing, your finanicals, your customers, your sales and your money mindset.  

There are 40 questions in total, and the test is designed to take no more than 5 minutes to complete.  At the end you’ll be given an overall score as well as some guidance on how to improve your score in each area.  Go ahead, take the test and discover your score.