Show Your Support For Small Businesses

One thing I love about small business owners is the love and respect we have for others on the same journey.

It’s a small business that has the most impact on our local communities.  They’re our neighbours, friends, and family, and sometimes they also employ people we know.

If you have the means, time, or energy, showing up for your small business owners, even in small ways, can be the difference to them staying in business.

Here are some suggestions to help make a difference to small businesses…

CHECK IN –  It can be a lonely time in business, especially if you are a one man band.  And even more so if you have survived the Covid hit, had to downsize, and still managing to operate.  Mental health can be the first thing to take a hit if business is slow and you are feeling isolated. So check in on all the entrepreneurs you know, ask how they’re doing, and see if there’s any way you can be there for them.

GIVE A SHOUT OUT – Feature other small businesses on your platform, give them a shout out, acknowledge them for the awesome products or services they provide. Write a review on their platform for their potential customers to see.

DON’T ASK FOR A HOOK UP – Asking for mates rates or a discount can put small businesses in an awkward position.  They really need sales to survive in business, and they want to keep you happy, but they also want to put kai on their table and pay their bills.  So we should be actually paying MORE to support them and their mahi.  Appreciate the time and effort they put in, and don’t ask for a hook up.

CREATE A NETWORK – Come together as a community.  Create a network of local businesses you can lift up, talk about, feature, contribute to or celebrate.  If you can offer your knowledge and skills to help them increase their business and vice versa – #winning. Together we are stronger.

• COLLABORATE – If you are a small business yourself, utilise the opportunity to work with other small businesses that feel like a natural fit with your business.  Leverage your audiences to maximise the exposure, providing benefit to you both.

• SHOP LOCAL – Think of services you get on a regular basis, restaurants you visit, and shops you purchase from, are there small or local businesses you can support instead? Your support could be the difference between them paying their rent or not next month!

BUY GIFTS OR GIFT CARDS – The small businesses in your community, brick and mortar stores especially, are already taking a hit. Buying gifts or gift cards for others, helps contribute to their expenses and can help to keep their financial state afloat.

BE PATIENT – Small businesses generally operate on the same team size, whether they are busy or slow. Typically, a small business also takes extra care because they can’t afford to have dissatisfied customers. So relax and be patient, they value your continued support.

• BE KIND – It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Just be kind.

There’s enough to go around for everyone, so let’s support each other. Showing up for one another in any way we can is what will keep us all moving forward together. 

He waka eke noa – we are all in this together.